Yancy Butler wallpapers

Yancy Butler wallpapers

American actress of film and theatre, which became famous thanks to roles in TV series and feature films.

She was born July 2, 1970 in new York, USA.
Early childhood the actress was in new York. The family Butler was directly associated with the arts. Father of actress was a talented professional musician who has achieved great success on stage. He masterfully played drums. By the way, and Yancey ancestors, including grandmother of the actress, was also close to the theatre.

At the age of 13 years, Butler got seriously into acting. Earlier today, Yancy has already starred in the movie. She played a cameo role in one of the thrillers. It was then that she decided to link their fate with film.

Of course, the job required a lot of effort. To become really famous, the aspiring actress relentlessly improved. Fortunately, Yancey was incredibly talented.

After graduating from high school, the actress went to College, where closely engaged in preparation for future acting work. In that time she has been actively involved in various creative circles, was preparing all kinds of events and things.

After – we started shooting. The first role of the Butler, of course, was minor, however, after a short period of time she starred in popular series. In 1991, Yancey was offered the role in new sci-Fi picture. Unfortunately, despite the potential power of the project, it had to close – immediately after a few filmed episodes.

Failure only gives strength. Until 2002, the actress continued to work – she participated in new projects.

Subsequently, a wave of failures and rampant frustration.

Once the actress has announced that its further involvement in the shooting impossible. It happened on the eve of the release of several new projects involving Butler. Then the fans were looking forward to the new work of our favorite. Even the critics predicted a great success.

Unfortunately, the actress was not destined to appear on the screen. She was accused of taking drugs and was convicted of disorderly conduct. Then the reputation of the actress was badly damaged, and she almost stopped to work.

To recover Yancey managed soon – mainly thanks to the support of loved ones.

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  1. Angelo Gross

    oblikas a great actress her role is so convincing that sometimes I have the feeling this is not a game but real life is willing to movies with her participation was always on the screen and in demand n

  2. Mack Fuller

    a Very talented and beautiful actress. I love “Blade of the witch” with her. It is a pity that the third season never took off.

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