Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh

English and Hollywood actress.

Real name: Vivian Mary Hartley.

Born 5 November 1913 in Darjeeling (India).
The daughter of an English officer, she was educated at several private pensions across Europe, and then in 1932 he entered the Royal Academy of dramatic art. Debut movie — 1934, on the stage 1935.
Right after high school, Vivian married lawyer Lee Holman, who was older than her 14 years. After a year they have a daughter, but Vivian did not leave the dream of the screen and stage. My husband was against these plans, and yet Vivian was able to play tiny roles in commercials, scenes in movies, in the theater. The first success came to her when Vivien Leigh (that was her artistic name) played in the play “Mask of virtue”. In theatrical circles of London, the aspiring actress took seriously.
A turning point in life, Lee became acquainted with actor Lawrence Olivier. Young people fall in love with each other. After six years they will be able to seek a divorce from their half and to get married (1940). By the time Vivien was already famous all over the world. The epic “gone with the wind” won the hearts of millions. Vivien at the age of 26 gets his first “Oscar”.
After “Gone with the wind” appear “Waterloo Bridge” and “Lady Hamilton”, where she played together with Olivier.
Vivien was unable to have a child in marriage to Olivier. In 1944 while filming “Caesar and Cleopatra” after the second pregnancy she went into a deep depression which developed into hysteria.
In 1945, Vivien Leigh was diagnosed with TB of the lungs. The disease has an effect on the psyche of the actress, started a fit of madness. She was treated and from tuberculosis, and mental illness came to shock treatments, but it’s getting worse. In rare gaps Vivien had been performing in film and on stage.
Returning from America to Britain after the Second world war, the actress began to play in theatre, she shone in the plays of the classical repertoire. In the early 1950-ies Laurence Olivier went to Hollywood to shoot the movie “Sister Carrie” (based on the novel by Theodore Dreiser). Vivien Leigh went behind him and starred as Blanche Dubois in “a Streetcar named Desire by Tennessee Williams. This role brought the actress a second Oscar.
Relationship with Olivier, marred by the absence of common children, and progressive disease Vivien Leigh, gradually deteriorated.
He started an affair with another woman, actress Joan Plowright. On the day of the 45th anniversary Vivien and Olivier presented her with a gorgeous rolls-Royce and announced he wanted a divorce. It was Vivien Leigh a heavy blow. And even when he left her, deep down she had always hoped for his return.
The actress continued to play performances, starred in two films, received the Tony for Broadway role in the musical “Comrade”.
She was trying to prove to everyone and herself that is still young, beautiful and full of energy. “I will play to 90 years,” she said. But the forces have changed. After performances on Broadway, where the actress acted in the musical Comedy, often had to call the doctor. With the tour it was brought to London on a stretcher.
Her last film was the Stanley Kramer’s “Ship of fools”.
In may 1967, Lee began new attacks of TB. 7 July of the same year in London, during the next attack, the actress died.
8 Jul 1967 in all the London theaters for a minute, the lights go out ramps. The actors and the audience observed a mourning silence for the memory of the deceased Vivien Leigh. Bequest of the actress, her body was cremated and the ashes scattered over the lake near the small village in which she lived in the County of East Sussex.

The Award “Oscar”:
1939 – Best actress (“gone with the wind”)
1951 – Best actress (“a Streetcar named Desire)

Nominated for a Golden globe (1951):
Best actress, drama (“the Tram “Desire”)

Prize “BAFTA” (1952):
Best British actress (“a Streetcar named Desire)

The Tony Award (1963):
Best actress in a musical (“Companion”)

Venice film festival (1951):
The Volpi Cup for best actress (“a Streetcar named Desire)

Vivien Leigh Filmography

  • Ship of Fools (1965)
  • Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone, The (1961)
  • Deep Blue Sea, The (1955)
  • Streetcar Named Desire, A (1951)
  • Anna Karenina (1948)
  • Caesar and Cleopatra (1945)
  • That Hamilton Woman (1941)
  • Waterloo Bridge (1940)
  • 21 Days (1940)
  • Gone with the Wind (1939)
  • Yank at Oxford, A (1938)
  • Sidewalks of London (1938)
  • Fire Over England (1937)
  • Dark Journey (1937)
  • Storm in a Teacup (1937)
  • Look Up and Laugh (1935)
  • Gentlemen's Agreement (1935)
  • Village Squire, The (1935)
  • Things Are Looking Up (1935)
  • Marilyn, dernières séances (2008)
  • Biography (1987-
  • That's Dancing! (1985)
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    1. Olivia Moody

      Today is the birthday of Actress at all times. Its role – blockbusters. Love Moira from “Waterloo Bridge” and ,of course,Scarlett. Admire the organic game, harmony of form and content.The incomparable actress and woman!

    2. Virginia Barber

      For half a century did not become a great Actress and a beautiful woman with a tragic fate! Vivien Leigh died July 7, 1967 . Remember and honor the unique , the incomparable Vivien…

    3. Kevin Cross

      Remember,honor and love.

    4. Johnny Ray

      the Most beautiful Actress in the world! GREAT!

    5. Catherine Barnett

      Great actress with a very tragic fate. Beautiful. Great. And movies with her participation can be reviewed again and again. Like Waterloo Bridge and gone with the wind. Eternal memory.

    6. Elias Baker

      Unique actress! While cinema films Vivien Leigh will look! Filigree roles, the depth of penetration into the image, a peculiar, nervous pulsation sensed in her heroines combined with the stunning looks of the actress – these qualities are extremely rare.

    7. Rebecca Higgins

      103-anniversary from the birthday of the gorgeous actress and one of the most beautiful women of all time Vivien Leigh – double oceansize – like with great warmth remember her most valued roles in the movie “gone with the wind” and “a Streetcar named desire,” actress, who created her very short experience so many memorable roles… the Most cherished memory
      the post was edited at 11:50

    8. Edith Taylor

      Today is a sad and memorable date-the untimely death of the great Actress and beautiful woman with a tragic fate!Vivien Leigh was not July 7, 1967 Remember and honor the unique , the incomparable Vivien…

    9. Wendell Murray

      I want to subscribe to all the beautiful words that were left here in the fair Vivian. Man not very long ago, and the light of it now fills people’s hearts with love… the magic, the best gift to the world. I thank and admire.

    10. Anne Matthews

      Us always remember and love!

    11. Harold Berry

      Today marks the 104th anniversary of the birth of the great Actress!I congratulate the admirers of her talent. Remember and honor the memory of the incomparable Vivien Leigh. That Vivien was always too emotional . Too many antics and grimaces on her face .
      the post was edited at 12:35

    12. Jasmine Wise

      Memory of a dazzling beauty, talented actress and great person dedicated to:
      “Listen to the soundlessness….Listen and enjoy what you gave in life – silence. Look, there ahead is your eternal home, you were given a reward. I can already see a Venetian window and climbing vine, it rises to the roof. Here is your house, here’s your eternal home. I know that in the evening you will come to the people you love, who you are interested in and who you won’t bother them. They’ll play, they will sing to you, you will see some light in the room when candles are burning. You fall asleep with a smile on his lips….”

      Believe that the person leaves the earthly plane, but is able to feel the vibrations on the subtle plane.
      I wish this day was particularly Willing the heat from the earth the energy of love!

    13. Doreen Holt

      Congratulations to all the movie fans, admirers of the great Actress New year ! I wish meetings with a new good movie and joy from favorite retro movies.

    14. Brian Reyes

      Congratulations to all the admirers and fans of the incomparable Vivien Leigh on New year 2016! I wish meetings with good cinema, good luck and prosperity !

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