Tea Leoni

Tea Leoni

Born February 25, 1966 in new York.

She finished school in Vermont and headed to Sarah Lawrence College to study psychology. If you travel for a few months, decided to finish his education at Harvard. She was not going to become an actress, but having got to the audition about the selection of actors for the remake of “Charlie’s Angels”, was adopted. But in 1988 there was a writers strike and the show never took place. However, Leonie remained in Hollywood. For several years, she became a model and worked on commercial TV.

Early in his career played some leading roles in little-known films. Then some time was filmed at the world famous soap Opera “Santa Barbara”.
First movie actress, in which she saw a movie fans and critics was “Bad boys” (1995). In the same year, she began to play in a big television project “the Naked truth”, which ceased to exist in 1998 due to low popularity. The most loyal fans of the actress believe that TIA Leoni is the star of a completely different level than her failed TV series.

Then came the new work in film, among which worth mentioning “Deep impact.” In one of his last films, TIA did the same in the role of producer.

But most of all, this actress is known for being the wife of the conqueror of the fair sex, David Duchovny.

Tea Leoni Filmography

  • Madam Secretary (2014)
  • Tower Heist (2011)
  • Smell of Success, The (2009)
  • Ghost Town (2008)
  • You Kill Me (2007)
  • Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)
  • House of D (2004)
  • Spanglish (2004)
  • People I Know (2002)
  • Hollywood Ending (2002)
  • Jurassic Park III (2001)
  • Family Man, The (2000)
  • Deep Impact (1998)
  • There's No Fish Food In Heaven (1998)
  • Flirting with Disaster (1996)
  • Naked Truth, The (1995-
  • Bad Boys (1995)
  • Counterfeit Contessa, The (1994)
  • Wyatt Earp (1994)
  • X Files, The (1993-
  • Frasier (1993-
  • Flying Blind (1992-
  • A League of Their Own (1992)
  • Switch (1991)
  • Santa Barbara (1984-
  • The Rosie O'Donnell Show (1996-
  • HBO First Look (1992)
  • You Kill Me (2007)
  • There's No Fish Food In Heaven (1998)
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    8 comments to “Tea Leoni”

    1. Jessica Blair
    2. Essie Fuller

      Beautiful! She wants to see and watch!

    3. Catherine Barnett
    4. Myra Hughes

      Just watched the film family Man and also the first time discovered the actress Tea Leoni.Wonder why nothing about it knew before

    5. Clifton Bryan

      A real diva!Can afford to choose what to do,a very good woody Allen in “Hollywood ending”

    6. Glenda Ballard

      Now watched the film the family Man. And the first time I saw the game Tea Leoni. Completely agree with the review below – Valeria 11.02.2010 16:03..
      Wonder why she’s not a star of the same magnitude that Kidman, George. Roberts.
      (If anyone is surprised that I saw for the first time – unfortunately, a little look at all, not enough time)
      this post has been edited at 20:55

    7. Nellie Swanson

      Very impressed with the role of TIA Leoni in “family Man”. It seemed to be nothing extraordinary… but it is the purity and sincerity of the actress in her role is commendable.
      this post has been edited at 16:05

    8. Elias Baker

      Unusually Beautiful face , Sincere ! We Watch and Watch! Sorry I saw this actress with a Not common Name and the Beauty , only one film “the family Man”

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