Taylor Momsen wallpaper

Taylor Momsen wallpaper

Taylor Momsen Filmography

  • Doubting Thomas (2008)
  • Gossip Girl (2007-
  • Underdog (2007)
  • Paranoid Park (2007)
  • Saving Shiloh (2006)
  • We Were Soldiers (2002)
  • Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002)
  • Hansel & Gretel (2002)
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
  • Prophet's Game, The (1999)
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    15 comments to “Taylor Momsen wallpaper”

    1. Mathew Ford

      good singing just super !

    2. Elias Baker

      honestly it infuriated me at first, her clothing style,she not care for the people,but once I heard her sing live I was amazed and she was singing so I wanted to show everything what she feels,her voice is clean ,I’ll tell you more he is without falsehood ,that I have great respect for her.she’s not shy with his emotions.As a person, I do not know her and cannot judge,but as a singer she’s just amazing…

    3. Glenda Ballard
    4. Emily Ball

      I Agree with the fact that she has an unreal voice! Taylor is a good actress – nothing more, but there are many, but a singer of her much better. When you listen to The Pretty Reckless – understand that rock-n-roll alive, incredible voice! Thanks, Tay, for creativity!

    5. Wendell Murray

      I do not Know how anyone,but I some reason it does not like.In the series it look like anything else(you mean 1-2 season),but in reality it is just something!Neither her style nor acting,neither her music(anything)does not makes me excited!

    6. Mattie Hernandez

      I really like her songs,and her role in the movie!even her style!she is damn beautiful and she has an unreal voice)

    7. Angie Holloway

      ona da luchshe [brandy craft] neio ofigenni stil u prekrasno ona igraet na gitare poiot voobshe nerealno ona pishet samie luchshie kompoziciiiigraet toje ochen horosho i ei lish vsevol 17 let a komu ona ne nravica tot nastoiashii koziol ili koza u kotorogo net ni maleishego chuvstva stilia i vkusa <3

    8. Andy Ryan

      I like her without makeup. Enter her name in a search engine, go to the pictures and see a terrible sight. Well, do not go in the same shade. And about her roles will say honestly they are monotonous. The role of a teenager-bentonshire pall.
      this post has been edited at 08:36

    9. Anna Valdez

      the Young and charming actress and singer Taylor Momsen,which is still there twenty years,has won the hearts of many of their fans and may eventually take its rightful place in cinema and show business.If you take acting career Taylor,she already has a respectable list of roles in movies, swaenk age,then of course you can mention “paranoid Park”,Momsen played the role of Jennifer.And in the TV series “Gossip girl” in the role of Jenny Humphrey looks interesting.Well, I personally like the film featuring Taylor “the Dog with us,”the role of Molly,played by actress is very bright and looks with interest.

    10. Justin Reed

      Taylor is really talented,but what makes you think that she can be with Jared Leto.he’s too old for her and besides, Taylor has got a boyfriend.and Jared’s girl

    11. Devin Clarke

      and by the way what is the song reckless your favorite.I really like heart and mmwd acoustic version

    12. Danny Townsend

      She is just GORGEOUS…I love it.))))

    13. Brooke Brooks

      Taylor super simple=) Learned about it from the TV series Gossip girl! I generally do anything about her and don’t know, but her image, style… As in the TV series Gossip girl and in real life I was amazed! Looks spectacular!This fatal free girl , not from anyone beyond! Perhaps it is the idol for many girls. And at the expense of Jared Leto that’s what I say, in my opinion. if they really were together you would make one freaky couple. You just imagine!

    14. Craig Nichols

      I think a girl like Taylor deserves a hot guy and Jared just a womanizer.

    15. Tanya Martinez

      I liked her in Gossip girl))))) but in life.Definitely not.It’s time for her to grow up,and she still plays and plays the role of a teenager.

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