Stana Katic

Stana Katic

She was born April 26, 1980 in Canada.

Stana Katic Filmography

  • Castle (2009-
  • Stiletto (2008)
  • Spirit, The (2008)
  • Quantum of Solace (2008)
  • The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice (2008)
  • Feast of Love (2007)
  • Heroes (2007)
  • Unit, The (2006-
  • Brothers & Sisters (2006-
  • Dragon Dynasty (2006)
  • 24 Hours (2006)
  • Closer, The (2005-
  • ER (2005)
  • Pit Fighter (2005)
  • Dragnet (2003-
  • Handler, The (2003-
  • CSI: Miami (2002-
  • Shield, The (2002-
  • Alias (2001-
  • JAG (1995-
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    14 comments to “Stana Katic”

    1. Leon George

      Love this actress

    2. Janet Malone

      the film For lovers only (Only for lovers) starring Stan and mark Polish. There are no words to describe the emotions experienced during the viewing and after. Some days I go under the impression. Mill is gorgeous!

    3. Ira Price
    4. Doris Stevens

      I’m waiting for the continuation of season 4 of castle!
      I love her

    5. Lydia Armstrong

      No. 11 Emily Stevens
      Mill like with the first season of “castle”,despite the silly hair…And that here, on the photo page, she’s got the hairstyle better? In General, it is better to look at Going to a plastic surgery, then her hair will not bother)))
      No. 11 Emily Stevens
      …she and Nate do a great couple,pity that only in the series…God, Yes, You what?! What’s the difference whether they are shooting from the same bed or different? Beautiful people a lot, they’re all supposed to sleep with each other? To experience such a “pity” it would be good to at least know of Katic and Fillion personally. No?
      I work hard for another reason sorry – the seventh season to run in those heels… Amazing!

    6. Olivia Sharp

      I Love her role in the TV series “castle”, I can’t see enough…I recommend to watch)))))by the way season 2 came out.. I loved the first season of castle!
      Looking forward to the second!

    7. Kirk Jefferson

      a Rare combination of beauty, mind, talent. She’s a Prodigy.Health her creative success. )))

    8. Mattie Hernandez

      In castle and as an actress and as a woman – excellent!

    9. Sonya West

      hello. I’m Petra.Im interested in playing the role of Stana Katic.I respect her.I want to know about Stana Katic career.thank you respectfully Petra

    10. Hazel Wolfe

      Love Won Katic! She’s a great actress and charming woman. Really liked her role in the television series “castle”. She is my idol.

    11. Jessie Casey

      she is also very like me very like her the role of Kate Beckett loved the TV series castle

    12. Craig Nichols

      And why is she born in 1980? She actually 1978…

    13. Josephine Mcdaniel
    14. Tanya Martinez

      Mill liked from the first season of “castle”,despite the silly hair.She is very organically fit into the role of detective,she and Nate do a great couple,pity that only in the TV series…

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