Nikki Reed wallpaper

Nikki Reed wallpaper

Nomination for the award “Companion” (2003):
Best actress, drama (“Thirteen”)

Nikki Reed Filmography

  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012)
  • Catch .44 (2011)
  • Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, The (2011)
  • Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The (2010)
  • Chain Letter (2010)
  • Twilight Saga: New Moon, The (2009)
  • Twilight (2008)
  • Familiar Strangers (2008)
  • Reaper (2007-
  • Cherry Crush (2007)
  • O.C., The (2006)
  • Mini's First Time (2006)
  • Lords of Dogtown (2005)
  • American Gun (2005)
  • Thirteen (2003)
  • Thirteen (2003)
  • Invincible (2006)
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    13 comments to “Nikki Reed wallpaper”

    1. Janis Mcdonald

      Cool beautiful vospitatelya actress! I would like to see her…

    2. Vivian Wilson

      Nikki reed is a great actress, she deserves to be in the first rows))))
      Her beauty and talent elevate to the top!

    3. Eileen Stevens

      my gosh,she’s terrible!twilight looked lovelier.ugh,as much cringe.ugly!not surprisingly,muceniece Priluchny to uselat such frights…

    4. Ian Cole

      In the filmography do not specify a film “Last Day of Summer” 2009 release. We translated as “In captivity”. The movie is interesting! Here is a link to the trailer for the film
      With Respect!

    5. Jessie Casey

      I love Nikki! She’s not only beautiful and a wonderful person,she’s talented in everything!As an actress and as a singer and as a writer and designer, Nicole is incredibly talented))))))

    6. Grady Chandler

      Yes indeed….her blonde better, but I kazhitsya that a girl of any color will work!
      No. 6 just Julia
      not a bad actress=)))
      I think she’s better blonde)

    7. Candice Obrien

      I love you Nikki reed!you’re so cool!you I do so much!sorry that I haven’t seen you in my life!I so want to see you!to ask for an autograph!generally you are cool! ( I love you Nikki reed!you are such a classroom ! I do so like you!sorry that I have not seen you in my life!I so want to see you!ask for an autograph!aww you’re really cool ! )

    8. Louise Parker

      Love Nikki reed* the same love Paul Priluchnogo* I’m Very glad that they are together** My favorite actors together… ***

    9. Luz Harvey

      I just love her)) for me all the room at her posters*** she is cool***

    10. Colin Gonzales

      Very talented actress, plus very cute.I’ve seen every movie with her participation)) plays Great.It is strange that in her filmography of small paintings. She’s no worse than Penelope Cruz or whatever her name is Angelica Jolie!
      this post has been edited 23:32

    11. Viola Schultz

      Such a beautiful actress! and how could she be with Priluchny if she is an American actress and he is Russian and zhuvut far away from each other?

    12. Ella Vargas

      Nikki reed and Paul Priluchny no longer a couple!
      Paul Priluchny now with Agatha muceniece (known pair of Dasha and Maxim in the TV series “Closed school”).
      Paul and Agatha are already thinking about the wedding, including Nikki reed, not the girl Paul!

    13. Elbert Lopez

      I love Nikki! Not only is she a wonderful person and an incredibly beautiful girl,but also a very talented actress,singer and designer).Nicole’s perfect for me.I love her very much|))))|, that you probably wrote when you look at yourself in the mirror?
      why so hard on yourself?
      No. 14 Diana Grachev
      my gosh,she’s terrible!twilight looked lovelier.ugh,as much cringe.ugly!not surprisingly,muceniece Priluchny to uselat such frights…

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