Lindsay Lohan wallpapers

Lindsay Lohan wallpapers

American actress, singer and model.

She was born July 2, 1986 in the Bronx, new York, USA.
She grew up in Merrick and cold spring Harbor on long island (new York).

She began her career in show business with roles in television commercials. At the age of 10 years, Lindsay began playing in television series and 11 played a major role in the 1998 Comedy “the parent Trap”.

After 6 years, Lindsay has become a popular actress, playing leading roles in the films “Freaky Friday,” “Mean girls” and “Crazy race”. During the filming of “Crazy racing” Lohan released her first solo music album “Speak”. Her second album, “A Little More Personal (Raw)”, was released in 2005. Lindsay career was interrupted in 2007 due to two accidents and three visits to rehab, Lohan lost a few roles. Resuming her career, she acted as a guest star in the television series Ugly Betty in 2008, starred in Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete” in 2009.

In 2007, Lindsay Lohan was recognized by the magazine “Maxim” the most desirable and sexiest woman in the world. Also Lindsay often appears in the press in connection with problems with alcohol and drugs. Lohan was the face of the company Louis Vuitton.

Lindsay Lohan Filmography

  • Scary Movie 5 (2013)
  • The Canyons (2013)
  • Machete (2010)
  • Labor Pains (2009)
  • Ugly Betty (2008)
  • I Know Who Killed Me (2007)
  • Georgia Rule (2007)
  • Chapter 27 (2007)
  • Just My Luck (2006)
  • Holiday, The (2006)
  • Prairie Home Companion, A (2006)
  • Bobby (2006)
  • 100 Greatest Teen Stars (2006)
  • Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005)
  • Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (2004)
  • Mean Girls (2004)
  • Freaky Friday (2003)
  • Get a Clue (2002)
  • Life-Size (2000)
  • Bette (2000)
  • That '70s Show (1998-
  • Parent Trap, The (1998)
  • Another World (1964-
  • My Scene Goes Hollywood (2005)
  • King of the Hill (1997)
  • HBO First Look (1992)
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    14 comments to “Lindsay Lohan wallpapers”

    1. Joanna Santos

      Happy New Year, dear Lindsay! I’m not a huge fan, but I liked Your role in the youth film “Kiss for luck” where You in the main role! Your Ashley is very beautiful and, at the same time, temperamental))) Thank You for such an emotional character! Wish you more good roles this year! Good luck)))

    2. Lisa Byrd

      Lindsay Lohan is very unhappy man, she doesn’t own ponemaet what he’s doing. Of course if daddy macaroni Mogul and television is not difficult to get. Although I think now her parents regret it, because his desire to glorify the daughter, they spoiled her life. I really like her and I think she will eventually understand and find your way!)
      P. S good Luck Lindsay

    3. Grace French

      Hello thank you very much for all the films in which you starred, I liked the movie the parent trap 1998год thank you again big love you may life go well for you and your career

    4. Kim Davidson

      Me can “only”, but she’s superb! Sort of the redheaded beast. I hope to start up with alcohol and drugs. But when they were little – as you correctly noticed – it was terrible!

    5. Darrel Love

      Oh God, Yuri, you write – “INCURABLE disease”?
      Stay strong, talented beautiful girl!
      the post was edited at 12:40

    6. Stacy Frazier

      Lindsay is pretty,something in her,but she’s a normal actress,nothing special.Maybe it not even her(speaking as a professional)by the Way she had in school were great advances in mathematics and the natural Sciences.But fame and big money is much better than a regular job,so she came to drugs and setbacks in the movie,because it is clear that there is no potential.
      this post has been edited at 03:00

    7. Cary Washington

      Watched interview of L. Lohan and Oprah. A kind of conversation happened…

    8. Gretchen Nguyen

      Lindsay suffered a sad fate of stars who started his career at a tender age.Was such a cute kid ,and what he has become!If it gets in the tabloids,in the scandalous Chronicles.Sorry,but all started so well…

    9. Alex Herrera

      No. 27 Admirer Lindsay
      Lindsay you are the most best from all. You simply super class girl. I am your admirer on ages. You are a beauty I simply adore tya

      We always criticize. But to look at yourself, well, did not want. Money and fame always spoil people, but the main thing in the shower to leave all the same light.
      The actress is good and modern. It is very interesting to look at her. But let envy do not write anything!)

    10. Delia Dean

      London private hospital on behalf of king Edward VII, treating members of the British Royal family, placed the 28-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan. At the end of December, after Christmas break, which she spent on Bora Bora, she was diagnosed with rare virus chikungunya.
      On December 28, in his blog on Twitter 28-year-old actress posted the photo with the caption: “Before I got chikungunya. Use sprays against mosquitoes. God bless you”.
      According to the information portal Lindsay was hospitalized with symptoms of a rare and incurable virus she picked up while vacationing in Bora Bora. She is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital of king Edward VII, and the doctors did not intend her to write because she is still suffering from a high fever and “unbearable” joint pain.
      The virus chikungunya fever (this word can freely transfer from one of the African languages as “bent”😉 is transmitted through mosquito bites. This disease for many decades spread through Africa, Asia and Latin America.

    11. Catherine Barnett

      Lindsay was little so cute in the movie “the parent Trap” has played so well lovely ! And when povzrasleli she became a wild child ! While Lindsay was little, I didn’t like her.
      With age, very pretty, now I love it.
      I liked the movie “Georgia rule”. Don’t agree with those who call a girl worthless. There is in it the spark is.
      And, by the way, Yes, Elizabeth Taylor she is almost one person. Very similar.

    12. Edith Maxwell

      What the potential is actually wasted. Frankly, I don’t like Lindsay Lohan as a person. But there are enormous possibilities there was previously none of the young actress. Now, however fame ruined her.

    13. Brooke Brooks

      great actress I love it , favorite movie of her performance -” the parent Trap”

    14. Bridget Silva

      I Remember 5 years ago, I told my mom I was enraged, my freckles and how awful and ugly. But my mother always answered me, saying, look at Lindsay Lohan. In childhood freckles she had even more than me, and when she grew up, they all disappeared, and she Lindsay was beautiful. That’s what my mother said. And I’ve always believed her words. Believed that would be the same beautiful as herself Lindsay Lohan. But at the present time, when mom told me again that I’ll be just as beautiful as Lindsey, I replied to her:
      “Yes, but I don’t want to be an alcoholic and a drug addict.”

      Time passes and people change, but I always thought it was only for the better. Therefore, I am very sorry that the man who once was my “inspiration” so to speak, so badly deteriorated.

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