Jessica Lange wallpaper

Jessica Lange wallpaper

Was born April 20, 1949 in Locate (units mn)(USA).

Father was a traveling salesman middling, and during her childhood the family moved 18 times. However, the girl always did well in school and stood out among his peers by his talent for painting. After high school he received a scholarship from the University of Minnesota, majoring in drawing. But, after a year, dropped everything and went to Paris, where he entered the school of mimes E. De Crewe. A few months danced in “Comic Opera”.
Upon returning to America on the advice of friends went to audition for the film “king Kong” (1976) and won the role of beauty Duan. And although the film was criticised for a young actress she was a good advertisement.
Starring in the small role of the angel of Death in the film “All the fuss”(1979), Jessica Lange finally got the opportunity to show what she’s capable of as an actress in the film “the Postman always rings twice” (1981). Thanks to the participation of Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange fourth screen adaptation of the story, telling of how the collusion of his wife and her lover was killed by trusting the owner of the roadside café, can be called the best.

The creative reputation of the actress became even stronger after she starred in the film “Frances” (1982) — biography of the popular movie stars 30-ies Frances Farmer. It is a tragic story of a woman who dared to go against the flow, to follow their own beliefs and bitterly paid for their rebellion. For Jessica, this image was an opportunity to Express their own attitude to Hollywood, art, cinema.

Working on the film “Francis”, the actress first experienced the need for systematic education and enrolled in courses Nice Growth, where he studied the Stanislavski system of acting technique and 30 years.
Hot on the heels of “Francis” was filmed another biographical film — “Sweet dreams” (1985) about the famous singer Patsy Cline, but he was less successful.
The award “Oscar”, received an actress in 1983 for the Comedy “Tootsie” (1982), finally strengthened its creative reputation. Now she could choose roles in its sole discretion and to dictate their conditions to producers.
Moreover, she financed the film “homeland” (1983), telling the dramatic story of a farm family from Iowa. Issues of the American heartland was dedicated to the film “Far North”, made in collaboration with Sam Shepard.
Jessica Lange is among the 40-year-old masters, now experiencing not the best times. They are followed for two generations of Actresses, is quite vigorously asserting their right to leadership and the best role. Jessica chose the correct position, focusing only on large-scale paintings, the large Director’s names, even more carefully than before, avoiding a walk-through role.
Had a great response to the film “the Music box” (1989). Jessica Lange played the role of lawyer Ann Talbot.
Looks good lang in the movie “Cape fear” (1991). And it wasn’t easy, because in center — a duel of two of such individuals as Robert De Niro and Nick Nolte.

In recent years, the actress became increasingly creepy theatre. Special praise deserved for her performance in the play “cat on a hot tin roof.”
As strong, independent women, Jessica prefers to maintain independence and personal life. She never married and does this for reasons of principle. Her first daughter Alexandra was the result of an affair with Russian ballet dancer M. Baryshnikov. For several years the creative and personal relationship associate Jessica Lange with the playwright, actor and Director of American playwright Sam Shepard. And although they have two children, Hannah and Samuel, they are still not married. The actress avoids and social life, which is indulged with pleasure in the company whirlwind romance with Baryshnikov. The time between filming, she spends on the ranch in the care of children and household. It can be removed much less often than other Actresses. Over the past four years on the screens of America came just two films with her participation.
(Adapted from “Actors in Hollywood”).

The Award “Oscar”:
1982 – Best supporting actress (“Tootsie”)
1994 – Best actress (“Blue sky”)

Nomination for “Oscar”:
1982 – Best actress (“Francis”)
1984 – Best actress (“Village”)
1985 – Best actress (“Sweet dreams”)
1989 – Best actress (“Music box”)

The award “Golden globe”:
1982 – Best supporting actress (“Tootsie”)
1994 – Best actress, drama (“Blue sky”)

The Tony Award (2016):
Best actress in a play (“Long day’s journey into night”)

Jessica Lange Filmography

  • Feud (2017-
  • Horace and Pete (2016)
  • Wild Oats (2016)
  • Gambler, The (2014)
  • In Secret (2013)
  • Vow, The (2012)
  • American Horror Story (2011-
  • Grey Gardens (2009)
  • Sybil (2007)
  • Bonneville (2006)
  • Broken Flowers (2005)
  • Neverwas (2005)
  • Don't Come Knocking (2005)
  • Masked and Anonymous (2003)
  • Normal (2003)
  • Big Fish (2003)
  • Prozac Nation (2001)
  • Titus (1999)
  • Hush (1998)
  • Cousin Bette (1998)
  • Thousand Acres, A (1997)
  • Streetcar Named Desire, A (1995)
  • Rob Roy (1995)
  • Losing Isaiah (1995)
  • Blue Sky (1994)
  • O Pioneers! (1992)
  • Night and the City (1992)
  • Cape Fear (1991)
  • Men Don't Leave (1990)
  • Music Box (1989)
  • Everybody's All-American (1988)
  • Far North (1988)
  • Crimes of the Heart (1986)
  • Sweet Dreams (1985)
  • Country (1984)
  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1984)
  • Frances (1982)
  • Tootsie (1982)
  • Postman Always Rings Twice, The (1981)
  • How to Beat the High Co$t of Living (1980)
  • All That Jazz (1979)
  • King Kong (1976)
  • Celsius 41.11: The Temperature at Which the Brain… Begins to Die (2004)
  • The Rosie O'Donnell Show (1997-
  • HBO First Look (1992)
  • Biography (1987-
  • Notre Dame de la Croisette (1981)
  • Feud (2017-
  • Cheri (2009)
  • Country (1984)
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    1. Kim Lee

      love this actress, very different from their American counterparts.

    2. Megan Murphy

      I love Jessica Lange. The gorgeous actress! Favorite movies with her participation “Tootsie” and “Frances”.

    3. Sara Wilkerson

      A streetcar named Desire…a woman on the verge…or here-here will go crazy or kill myself.

    4. Lewis Campbell

      Now I watch season 3 of the series “American horror story” Jessica Lange! Wonderful series, colorful characters and actors (the only negative-the presence of erotic scenes, there is absolutely unnecessary).
      High quality TV series. Fans of psychological mysticism, I recommend.

      Somehow there is still no page for this series! (

    5. Johnny Ray

      A wonderful actress, which for me is primarily “bride of Kong”. Played better than others main characters in the movies about king Kong. And a very beautiful woman.

    6. Kristin Wagner
    7. Marcos Mendez

      Jessica cannot be overlooked. She is beautiful and as a woman and as an actress of high level,

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      godly woman! I think she’s probably better now than in his youth. Excellent actress.. And those legs any man will go to the edge of the world

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      Jessica-just clever and beautiful!And the actress is superb.

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      unique Jessica although the hearing just a couple of movies with her participation (the Tutsis. Francis) but is in fact her best roles (a streetcar named desire.sweet dreams…..)shorter piece trick

    11. Kerry Salazar

      a great actress, “American horror story” played mind-blowing!

    12. Vivian Wilson

      And I feel closer to her first movie “KING KONG”. Here is the class.The directing, the music, the young star,interesting plot, a film by John Guillermin all class. And thank you Jessica Lange appeared in the movie. Bravo ,Jess!
      No. 8 Nelico
      I love Jessica Lange. The gorgeous actress! Favorite movies with her participation “Tootsie” and “Frances”.

    13. Sonya West

      I Love this actress! Love all of her roles.Beautiful,talented, fabulous!

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      Hooray for happy birthday zamechatelnuyu Hollywood actress Jessica Lange

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