Jennifer Lopez images

Jennifer Lopez images

Latin American singer and actress.

She was born July 24, 1969 in the Bronx (NY, USA) in a family originating from Puerto Rico.
Besides the fact that she has achieved success in film, Jennifer has become one of the pop stars new Latin American wave that swept the world in the late 90-ies of the last century.

As a child, Lopez participated in productions at children’s musical theater. The daughter of a computer specialist and a kindergarten teacher, Lopez always wanted to be an actress. She began her artistic career as a dancer in musicals — some well known for her European tour of “Golden musicals of Broadway” tour of Japan “Synchronicity” — as well as in music videos.

At the age of 16 she starred in her first film “My Little Girl”.

But in Hollywood, Lopez has only once played one of the dancers in a Comedy series the film company “Fox” “In the living light” (1990) (In Living Color) choreographer Rosie Perez, after winning the pre-national competition two thousand contestants. Even then, she had the desire to play a serious dramatic role, but she followed the advice of the producer of the “live light” Keenan ivory Wayans to gain a foothold on the role in the show before you make any attempts to move.

After several seasons of participation in a commercial serial on motives of the “living light”, Lopez first appeared as an actress at the pilot Studio “Fox” “South Central”, whose producer and screenwriter was the husband of her friend.
Show has become obsolete still before began, but it paved the actress road to roles in two more TV series, one-day — “Second chances” and “Malibu Road”.
Lopez has finished career on TV in 1993 the heroic role of the nurse in “Nurses on the line: the crash of flight 7”. The alluring appeal of the big screen could no longer be ignored.

The first debut of the Jennifer on the big screen came in the 1995 film “Money train”, where she starred alongside Wesley Snipes and woody Harrelson.
In the same year, Lopez appeared in enthusiastically received by critics the film Gregory Nava’s “Mi Familia”, which showed new acting talent most famous movie Directors of Hollywood.

In 1996 she got a small role of the teacher Robin Williams in the Comedy of Frank Francis Coppola’s “Jack” with the stars Ashley Judd and Lauren Holly. The picture turned out not too successful, but it does not hurt Lopez, and as it turned out sluggish, “Money train”.
Despite the fact that lópez worked with Nava in “Mi Familia”, she had to go through extremely intense listening before she got the main role in “Selena” in 1997.
The film is enormously raised her status in Hollywood, and the Parallels between actress and singer who soared to the peak of popularity shortly before his death, it was just obvious. For her role in this film Jennifer gets one million dollars and becoming the highest paid Latin actress in film history.

Selena marked a new beginning for Jennifer, not only in terms of a career. At the Banquet in honor of the film in San Antonio her lover, Ojani Noa, took the microphone and proposed to her right on the dance. The couple married in early 1997, but they divorced the following year.

Lopez was named by People magazine for the year 1997 among the 50 most beautiful people in the world, and her first since “Selena” the project “Anaconda” in the end, shifted the film Jim Curry “liar, Liar” from the first place at the box office.
In a word, 1997 appeared significant for Lopez.

In the Thriller Bob Rafelson “Blood and wine” she played in a pair with Jack Nicholson, and in the fall returned to the Thriller genre, making the acting Duo with Sean Penn in the film Oliver stone’s “Turn”.
It Lopez was chosen from all star Actresses for a role in the crime drama Steven Soderbergh’s 1998 “Out of sight”. There she played the role of matron who falls in love with one of the prisoners, seized her hostage (played by George Clooney) during a prison escape.

Following the role, Lopez received fantasy tale “the Ants.” Lopez became known not only as a film actress: in 1999 the former dancer paid tribute to her inclination to music, releasing the pop album “On the 6” of Latin American songs

In 1998, Jennifer decides to do music and with the support of such famous producers like Emilio Estefan, Roni Jenkins and puff daddy, who would later become her boyfriend, starts recording his debut album “On The 6”. The disk got its name because of the numbers train, on which Jennifer for 10 years before I left home to meet his fate. The following year, the album sees the light and becomes one of the hottest releases of the summer. The first single “If You Had My Love”, sprodyussirovannyj Jenkinson, led the American charts for five weeks. The second single “Waiting For Tonight” became a hit on both sides of the ocean. Almost all the tracks on this album were co-written by Executive producer Corey Rooney.
The second album “J. Lo” released in 2001, gets the first place in the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

Jennifer broke up with rapper Puff daddy and soon married a dancer in his group Chris Judd. New album “This Is Me… Then”, the singer and actress released in the fall of 2002.

Then Lopez had an affair with Ben Affleck. Ben and Jen even decided to play together in the romantic Comedy “Gigli”. Announced their engagement, the couple decided to get married a month after the premiere of the film.
The film, however, flopped at the box office with a deafening crash and was criticized to the nines. The wedding was postponed, then again, and then completely canceled. Ben and Jen, meanwhile, have already begun to appear in new film an old friend of Affleck Kevin Smith’s “Jersey Girl,” and Smith, after looking at the cleared-up in the media Orgy about marriage and its abolition, decided to cut out most of the material with Lopez and remake the film with a different story. In the result, Jen quickly died, leaving Affleck a widower with a growing daughter in her arms. The film, however, is not saved.

In January 2004 it was announced — between Lopez and Affleck the final break. Jen chose for a time to disappear from sight.
This year she starred in the film “shall we dance” in a role of dance teacher and almost imperceptibly, if you compare with the previous novel, married again, this time for star of the Latin pop scene, Marc Anthony.

By the beginning of 2005, Jen decided it was time to remind myself, and released a new album with the speaking name (“Rebirth”).
Overall, the album has sold around 4 million copies, but was rather harshly received by critics, obruchevsky album for the lack of fresh ideas and weak vocal ability Lopez.

The first creative step, followed by the cold reception, was a guest part in a new single of rapper L. L. cool Jay. The song enjoyed moderate popularity, but the hit did not become. After that, Lopez focused on working on his first album entirely in Spanish. This album is called “Como ana una Mujer”. The album was released 16 Oct 2006.

Soon after breaking up with Affleck, Lopez started Dating Marc Anthony. The couple married on 5 June 2004, after only a week after Anthony divorced his first wife, Dayanara Torres.

February 22, 2008 in a hospital in long island Lopez gave birth to twins — daughter, Amy and son, max.

Nominated for a Golden globe:
1997 – Best actress, Comedy/musical (“Selena”)

Nomination for the award “Saturn”:
1997 – Best actress (“Anaconda”)
2000 – Best actress (“Cage”)

Premium channel “MTV” (2000):
The best clothes

Nomination for the award channel “MTV”:
1997 – Breakthrough of the year (“Selena”)
1998 – Best actress (“Out of sight”)
1998 – Best kiss (“Out of sight”)
2000 – Best actress (“Cage”)

The prize “Golden raspberry” (2003):
Worst actress (“Gigli”)

Nomination for a “Razzie”:
2001 – Worst actress (“angel Eyes”)
2002 Worst actress (“enough”)
2004 – Worst supporting actress (“Jersey Girl”)
2005 – Worst supporting actress (“If the mother in law – monster”)
2009 Worst actress of the decade (“angel Eyes”)
2012 – Worst supporting actress (“What to expect when you’re expecting”)

Jennifer Lopez Filmography

  • The Boy Next Door (2015)
  • What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012)
  • Parker (2012)
  • Back-up Plan, The (2010)
  • The Governess (2009)
  • Feel the Noise (2007)
  • Who Killed Hector Lavoe? (2006)
  • Bordertown (2006)
  • An Unfinished Life (2005)
  • Monster-in-Law (2005)
  • CSI: NY (2004-
  • Jersey Girl (2004)
  • Shall We Dance (2004)
  • Gigli (2003)
  • Enough (2002)
  • Maid in Manhattan (2002)
  • Wedding Planner, The (2001)
  • Angel Eyes (2001)
  • Cell, The (2000)
  • Will & Grace (1998-
  • Out of Sight (1998)
  • Selena (1997)
  • U Turn (1997)
  • Anaconda (1997)
  • Blood and Wine (1996)
  • Jack (1996)
  • Mad TV (1995-
  • My Family (1995)
  • Money Train (1995)
  • Nurses on the Line: The Crash of Flight 7 (1993)
  • In Living Color (1990)
  • My Little Girl (1987)
  • Home (2015)
  • Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012)
  • Antz (1998)
  • The Rosie O'Donnell Show (1997-
  • HBO First Look (1992)
  • The Boy Next Door (2015)
  • Fosters, The (2013-
  • The Governess (2009)
  • Feel the Noise (2007)
  • Como ama una mujer (2007)
  • Who Killed Hector Lavoe? (2006)
  • Bordertown (2006)
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    1. Myron Fisher

      Her ass is mine.

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      Women like the gorgeous Jen, worthy of eternal youth. What a pity that the accursed old age grapples eventually these fairies, where you want to be. This femininity, romanticism, eroticism, style! She is my inspiration for many years. Thank you, dear Jennifer, all the best and many years.

    3. Madeline Yates

      Happy birthday, bright star! Shine as long as possible!

      In my opinion,Jennifer is a very strong dramatic actress,in her Arsenal to very few roles,which when viewed would cause a smile.Perhaps it is the fault of the filmmakers,which forced the actress to chase criminals with a gun to superevangelical for bandits – it’s not quite drama :).
      You are right, Jennifer could be more opportunities to reveal himself more comprehensively, if Hollywood was shooting more diverse subjects. Or, indeed, her little battered these roles.
      Somewhere, maybe Lopez didn’t have enough talent, but her dedication and inexhaustible energy helps to overcome such an obstacle.
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    4. Ted Mcbride

      In my opinion,Jennifer is a very strong dramatic actress,in her Arsenal to very few roles,which when viewed would cause a smile.Perhaps it is the fault of the filmmakers,which forced the actress to chase criminals with a gun at the ready.My favorite movies with her participation is “angel Eyes” and “Let’s dance”As a singer she is weak,better dancing, and in movies, too.

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      happy Birthday! Thanks for the movie, “enough is enough” – I looked just yesterday, made his way to the depths.

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      No. 48 Julia-drz
      I’m not a fan. But the film in which she plays the lead role of “Cage” I really liked it. It’s not even a word, he was holding me in suspense, he shook me. After that I of course don’t go and listen to her music, and read news about her, but was with great respect to her work as a whole.Julia, thanks for the tip, unload the cage 🙂 I love j-Lo, great ass…

    7. Rick Pearson

      I’m not a fan. But the film in which she plays the lead role of “Cage” I really liked it. It’s not even a word, he was holding me in suspense, he shook me. After that I of course don’t go and listen to her music, and read news about her, but was with great respect to her work as a whole. as for me, the creepy and kitsch, it is hard to imagine that she would think about the meaning of life, I’m not talking about the love of Shostakovich

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      The voice, Talent, Looks – like argument

      Jennifer Lopez – Chic “brand”!

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      Charming j-Lo – happy birthday!

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      Most of all I remember her role in the movie “angel Eyes”. A wonderful actress and singer, every role and every song they chill you to the core. Well Done J. Lo! Keep it up!
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      Happy birthday congratulations,happiness, joy, desire,success and peaceful sky over your head. Charming Jennifer Lopez.

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