Izabella Scorupco wallpapers

Izabella Scorupco wallpapers

Born June 4, 1970 in Bialystok, Poland.
In childhood she and her mother moved to Sweden. Isabella studied drama and music. At the age of 17 has starred in the Swedish film “Nobody loves you like we” made her the idol of local youth. Scorupco soon became known in Sweden and throughout Europe as a model, which was stimulated by the knowledge of four languages.
In 1989, Isabella tries his hand at pop music, releasing a single and album (both gold). Best movies: “the exorcist: the Beginning”, “Power of fire”, “Golden eye”, “Vertical limit”, “Fire and sword”.

Izabella Scorupco Filmography

  • Sunstorm (2007)
  • Cougar Club (2007)
  • Exorcist: The Beginning (2004)
  • Reign of Fire (2002)
  • Alias (2001-
  • Diver, The (2000)
  • Vertical Limit (2000)
  • With Fire and Sword (1999)
  • Petri tårar (1995)
  • GoldenEye (1995)
  • There Is No Love Like Ours (1988)
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    9 comments to “Izabella Scorupco wallpapers”

    1. Curtis Sanchez

      Facetious classification of female beauty says: “There are just beautiful women, there is a very beautiful woman, and there are Polish women”. Isabella is a bright example of a true Polish woman. And not a bad actress, can only be removed for some reason, few see the envious (and envied) so much from her. I finally fell out after her role in the movie “Vertical limit”. Respect! Very beautiful, bright actress. Good Luck To You Isabella. Success, and be a good and happy mother. I also really liked her in the movie with Fire and sword.. And Bohdan Stupka played amazing…

    2. Noah Todd

      saw the movie “Fire and sword”.Insanely beautiful,bright and memorable actress.We can say that it was decorated rather nondescript setting!

    3. Theresa Douglas

      Domogarova – as a male type to hate, but always give him credit as a great actor. His Bogun is simply amazing, so demonic untamed wolf with honor and principles. No wonder the poles are so loved! I liked the film about James bond Golden eye.

    4. Jodi Cole

      Those who measure Actresses (actors) purely on external data in advance puts himself in a dead end. Why? Yes, because the main criterion – all the same talent. Take even of Russian actress – Faina Ranevskaya, Plow… later – our time Churikova, Akhedzhakova, Usatovo… Beauties is difficult to call, but! tilanteissa!

    5. Marjorie Bowers

      No. 6
      What is beautiful in her? Hair, eye makeup, which can be seen without a magnifying glass,with high cheekbones.
      Compare with our Elina Bystritskaya:that’s a beauty without any makeup or its minimum.
      Playing polka good.But to call the most beautiful woman?
      Polka not only drove the world crazy beauty in the twentieth century.
      Soviet actress too.Went mad in the West and from Tatiana Samoilova, and Elina Bystritskaya, and Clara Luchko
      Should not be attributed polkas extraordinary beauty.

    6. Melody Moss
    7. Darlene Fitzgerald

      Otozh Garna divchina! And working great! Perhaps, to stir the hay, and flax fumble – would be amiss 🙂 , and finally to drink wine, not looking up from shoes like this!
      No. 11 Tigertiger Ilulu
      … We probably know better :).Yes… 🙂
      No. 10 Elena 3
      … and Clara Luchko… again khokhlushka as sabika rod 🙂 … however, “Lithuania” this generation, perhaps, from Belarus 🙂 … because in Polish it sounded b – Skorup. For example, Hops, Dorosh, Janusz, the newly-fallen snow… 🙂
      No. 10 Elena 3
      … and Elina Bystritskaya… somehow familiar, really, sounds: Bystricka… 🙂
      No. 12 Yaropolk Pomerania
      Beautiful … difficult to call…Who – it’s hard, others easy 🙂
      No. 2 A. V. G.
      I also really liked her in the movie with Fire and sword.. And Bohdan Stupka played amazing…a Handshake or a kiss 🙂
      this post has been edited at 15:02

    8. Vickie Potter

      The most beautiful polka of all time, took the title from B. Brylska with “Golden Eye” (1995). Worthy of a Hollywood level of play at the position of the Action in the genre of love fields – helomoto. Lack of tenderness.
      In a filmography must add the film “Diver” (Sweden-Denmark) – Irena, Valda, the main role – favourite Domogarychem, there to her character and titulov absolutely passionately-biased, literally – “the Most beautiful … (Censored)… in the world”
      . Polka absolutely stunned with the end of the 20th century reduces the whole man’s world planet mad. Megagrisevit! (Scorupco, Melzer, Brylska) – will you stop torturing beauty!
      On March 8, sapolsky beautiful!

    9. Clara Leonard

      No. 10 Elena 3
      No. 6
      What is beautiful in her? Hair, eye makeup, which can be seen without a magnifying glass,with high cheekbones. The actress, of course, very beautiful. What “high cheekbones” – I mean, we, the Slavs, like.

      In General – it’s funny when women begin to water the Actresses, asking what makes them beautiful?

      We probably know better :).

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