Gena Lee Nolin wallpaper

Gena Lee Nolin wallpaper

American actress, model.

Gina Lee Nolin was born November 29, 1971 in Duluth, Minnesota (USA).
She grew up on his family’s farm and it was a girl-a Tomboy. Loved to ice skate, play basketball, volleyball and softball. Gina had a problem with jealous girls at school. One day she had a fight with girl who accused her that Gina rescued her friend Gina had never even seen. She attacked her with his fists, Gina, defensively, shut it down. Gina’s family moved to Las Vegas when she was in high school. Friends invited her to participate in the contest “Miss Las Vegas” and Gina won. She received offers from several modeling agencies including Ford and Elite.

In 1993 Gina increased her chest size. She did it because of his height, and was hoping it will have effect, and she was right. Then she met her future husband Greg Telmanom, video producer.

In 1994, Gina saw an ad in the newspaper about the casting in the popular game show “The Price is right” (“the Price is Right”). At the audition she fought with 1200 other contenders and became one of the models of the show. For Gina, it was a perfect job. They worked three days a week, filming two shows a day with a ten-day break every two weeks. This allowed free time to continue her lessons and participate in other auditions. In the same year, Gina got the role in the daytime series “the Young and the Restless” (CBS), where she played the role of a young model sandy.

When Gina came to the casting in “Baywatch,” David Hasselhoff said she gets the role, Gina couldn’t believe it and continued to read the text. She got the insidious role of Neely Capshaw. She replaced the actress Heather Campbell, who played Neely in the latest episode of the fifth season, and Gina started to play with the sixth (1994-1998).

Gina plays the “bad girl,” but in the seventh season, Neely changes and becomes good. Although many fans wanted her to stay bad. During the filming of the seventh season of Gina became pregnant and gave birth to a son Spencer Michael Felman, after a short break in the filming. After the birth she quickly regained form and is back on the set of the series. She took her son to shooting. The producers came up with the idea of pregnancy, Neely, and also did her mother. Gina missed almost half of the eighth season, appearing in three episodes that gave her the opportunity to spend more time with the child. To that Gina has inherited a large trailer Pamela Anderson, where was the room for the baby. Gina left the series after the eighth season, it was not satisfied with the fee.

From 2000 to 2002 — Gina starred in the title role in the TV series “Sheena — jungle Queen” with another former lifeguard John Allen Nelson (Jon Dee Court).

Gina Lee Nolin was thrice married. The first marriage of the actress with David Feiler lasted only one month. August 30, 1993, Gina married Greg Falman, they have a son Spencer Michael born on 3 Jun 1997. However, after 11 years of marriage the couple parted. On 3 September 2004, the actress became the wife of a stake in Halsa. To this marriage were born: son of Goodson (15 April 2006), daughter Stella Monroe (3 Dec 2008).

Gena Lee Nolin Filmography

  • Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding (2003)
  • Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (2000-
  • The Underground Comedy Movie (1999)
  • Hollywood Squares (1998-
  • Airheads (1994)
  • Baywatch (1989-
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