Elizabeth Berkley images

Elizabeth Berkley images

American actress.

Born on July 28, 1972 in Farmington hills (Michigan, USA), the son of a lawyer.

With a childhood heavily involved in dance and choreography, had some success. After high school, North Farmington went to new York, where she danced in the ballet “Swan lake”, played in musicals.

Started acting in television series in 1987. Became the star of the show, performing the role of Jessie Spano in the soap Opera “Saved by the Bell: The New Class” (1993-2000).
In the movie debuted in the canadian short film “platinum blonde” (1988, dir. Dror Soref). First role in a feature film played in the film “Molly and Gina” (1994).

The fame of Elizabeth Berkley came after his role of Nomi Malone in the erotic drama Paul Verhoeven’s “Showgirls” (1995). The film was a success, had a lot of cash, however, was defeated by the critics. Under the distribution fell and Elizabeth Berkley, although it dramaticheskoe talent, flexibility and plastic is not in doubt. The Frank eroticism of the tape, a parody of kitsch atmosphere has caused irritation on the part of the Puritan public in the United States. The film and actress received seven “Razzie Award’s” (“Golden Malin”). Along with the fame the movie “Showgirls” greatly tarnished the reputation of Elizabeth Berkley as an actress.
Berkeley did not give up, continued to play leading roles in low-budget movie. Acting success became the role Foby Lavelle in “the first wives Club” (1996, NBR Award), Mandy Murphy in the film “Every Sunday” (1999).
In the woody Allen film “the Curse of the jade Scorpion” (2001) played the role of Jill.

Elizabeth Berkley worked extensively in theatres in London, Broadway and off-Broadway. In 2005, after her role in the musical “lenny,” a theater critic in new York wrote to rave about the talent of the Berkeley stage actress. One of the famous critics, sharply responded about her role in “Showgirls”, apologized for the incorrect evaluation of her acting talent.

November 1, 2003, Elizabeth married actor Greg Laurent.

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12 comments to “Elizabeth Berkley images”

  1. Tanya Martinez

    Puritanism critics borders on idiocy.In the movie “Show girls” her admirable. Most likely they are going to play a very good dramatic role.

  2. Carmen Banks

    The Most Sexy! Beautiful! Oboyatelnaya! Attractive! And charming girl in all of America! First place in all of Hollywood! Especially awesome movie “Showgirls”, the critics are just jealous;)

  3. Elbert Lopez

    Great actress! I emphasize the role in the movies “Showgirls” and “Every Sunday”.

  4. Janet Malone

    The best of the role she has in “Show girls” and “Seduction”! Join a collection of her films. 😉

  5. Cary Washington

    great actress.the best role in the film SHOWGIRLS.
    how could the critics give this film the RASPBERRIES – is UNCLEAR.
    feminine beauty, intrigue behind the scenes, powerful characters – everything is there.
    I hate critics, especially homegrown. now sit again to watch this movie. I advise everyone to see this beauty.

  6. Pedro Tucker

    Incredible, unearthly beauty of the woman. It is just amazing and infinitely talented. I love it. I do not understand how it is still not prima among the stars of the first echelon. It is worse than Angelina? (Although I also love). Berkeley is the best!

  7. Garrett Simpson

    Pretty! What a rare combination of a stunning figure, long legs, unforgetable face!
    And talented, and how much courage, temperament! The comet, not the girl. As it so happened, that just now looked “Showgirls”, I am impressed! But I decided to write on the page of Elizabeth Berkley, because the film on his page, only rave reviews. Of course, Paul Verhoeven – it’s Paul Verhoeven, he was a weak movie, if filmed, we didn’t show it. But! Elizabeth “Showgirls” this is amazing, this is amazing, what power, plastic, dance! And how immensely sad that all that we, the audience, nowhere else have not seen what the Americans did not accept the film and such a great actress! (and adopted the “Basic instinct” -!)All is not lost, maybe it will be Elizabeth, which is still only 40 years old, strong role worthy of her talented, charismatic nature!

  8. Edward Wagner

    Elizabeth Berkley – gorgeous.She is adorable and gorgeous!Her green eyes,soft skin, plump mouth – magic.Today it is the best.There is no arrogance and vulgarity stone, conservatism Winslet and Knightley Qualinesti.She is now a mischievous twinkle in his eyes in some photos..Yes, there are a few Actresses.She was special.I love it.Will review all the movies with her participation.In this, it’s easy to fall in love.She’s cool.. Why in terms of your work in the movie “crime scene Miami” not specified character.
    Tell me please! I love this series

  9. Olivia Moody

    You played in the movie Show girls. My mom all the time watching this film.

  10. Brian Reyes

    Adelaideaqua! ☺☺☺
    ♥Sky Cole Lauren, Welcome to the world!♥ Beautiful! With the recent 40-year anniversary!

  11. Clara Leonard

    Good, sexy actress… My favorite movie “Show Girls” where she played

  12. Monica Anderson

    “Leave your restraint at the door… Show starts!”

    Film festival, the film is a delight. Grand bright, expressive, intense, honest.
    Young, talented Nomi Malone travels to Las Vegas to conquer the glamorous Olympus. Daring, passionate, ambitious, it will show everyone how to dance Striptease and rise to fame.

    Another tape genius Paul Verhoeven is a delightful cocktail that includes an intriguing plot, fabulous dance numbers, exquisite erotica and all the cast.
    The Director introduces the viewer to an exotic and mysterious world of show business in Las Vegas, the world case, great opportunities, temptations, betrayal and intrigue. And makes it clear: to survive in this world of neon lights and perpetual feast, will have to take wolf unwritten laws. Doesn’t work here moral code, here is a way to success pave your own body, stepping on anyone who happens to be behind.

    “I’m not fucked, I just danced naked and everything…”
    Adventurous, defiantly beautiful, leggy dancer Nomi wants to break up with my unattractive past and relies on natural talent and instinct of the predator. It is plastic, graceful, full of enthusiasm and fire, and “very very sexy”. To not get lost in a strange unfriendly city, she agrees to speak at a popular strip club. But it was enough to be noticed and appreciated by the Queen of erotic ballet Christy Connors. Familiarity with of kristell and gave Naomi a pass in the Bohemian circles of Vegas.
    The main storyline is based on the mysterious feeling which binds two dancers, which hangs thick in the air and creates a special ambiance. It’s a feeling hard to define, it mixed a whole range of different shades: the rapture, the unconscious envy, desire, rivalry. The Director was able surprisingly unobtrusive and delicate way to highlight on the screen aesthetics and the delicate poignancy of this vzaimovliyaniya.
    Verhoeven have an amazing ability to apply naked body and, in fact, the adultery is sensual and beautiful. This is not indecency, it does not cause rejection. Especially impressive in the film, a private dance, Duo Nomi and of kristell at the desert scene in a staged fight in a room with motorcycles is exhilarating, aggressive, emotional, expressive.

    “I also became a prima at once. But someone younger and hungrier than is always behind you”.
    The Director shows us Espagnol the shiny side of life. Life where running the show easy money, lust and drugs. But then it proves that even releasing the beast, you can remain human. This Is Nomi. Rough shifting of kristell from the pedestal, so she could take her place, she can suddenly abandon all and noble to avenge the insulted friend.
    Unlike those “top”, false, suffering from a spiritual disease (which, in the end, even love becomes a profitable investment), Nomi lives, feels and breathes deeply. She sincerely and genuinely enjoys her life’s first flowers and the first dress from Versace. It is able to innocently attracted to a black dancer loser and feel free to reject that tempting a prospect that promised her Union with glossy handsome Zach. Strongly encroaching on the “untouchable” reputation odious pervert singer, she has “goddess”, again goes nowhere.
    Ambition and good judgment gave way to moral principles. Nomi has not caved in under the powerful, and managed to challenge them.
    Final open, but quite optimistic. And “the true personification of Las Vegas” will wear a Laurel wreath again and again…

    “Such is life… life happens!”
    “Showgirls” is based on the scenario of the Hungarian Joe Esterhaza, as the famous and controversial “Basic instinct”. The plot of the film in some way duplicates the basic conflict of two paintings: “42nd street” and “All about eve”.
    Vivid eroticism, kitsch atmosphere that prevailed in the strip, no sanctimonious didacticism annoyed reactionary public in the United States. All this led to the fact that “showgirls” in the year of the premiere was marked by the Guild of film critics as a model of vulgarity and tastelessness. However, after a time, he was elevated to the rank of cult. It is universally acknowledged that, rarely anyone of the Directors was able to so vividly and colorfully show the tinsel glitter of show business. And producer Mario Kassar unmistakable flair for potential masterpieces (his track record includes such movie hits as “Lolita” by Adrian Lyne and still the same inviolable “Basic instinct”).
    Despite the fact that movie three times in different years was awarded the prize “Golden raspberry” in several categories, Paul Verhoeven did not hesitate to attend the ceremony and receive awards as worst Director worst film of the decade. Custom paintings are often declared in the West, stupid, and brilliant Verhoven was aware of that. (Soon, a similar fate will befall his new film project “starship troopers” (1997)). However, the taboo only beneficial featured the tape in the halo incompetent forged paintings, and added it to certain dissident flair. In the love of film Verhoeven recognized and Quentin Tarantino.
    “Showgirls” was the finest hour in the fate of Elizabeth Berkley, a professional ballerina and a talented actress, and at the same time inadvertently dashed all her further her film career. But the girl was not discouraged and continued acting in low-budget films, were active on the London stage and Broadway. And soon those same advocates of someone else’s morals applauded her and publicly praised her dramatic talent, and one of the critics, once impartially responded about the role of Nomi in “showgirls”, publicly brought Berkeley to apologize.

    10 out of 10

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