Denise Richards wallpaper

Denise Richards wallpaper

American actress.

Full name is Denise Lee Riсhards (Denis Lee Richards).

Born February 17, 1971 in Joliet (Illinois, USA), and later moved to Los Angeles (CA), where he now lives.

In 1989 he graduated from the school of El Camino in Oceanside, CA.

As a child, Denise’s sister was “sick” film. But being Actresses, they never dreamed of. Apparently, due to low self-esteem. Denise lacked confidence because at school all over her laughed. Because of her clumsiness and big puffy lips classmates gave her the nickname “fish lips”. Blonde Lefty once had to deal with ridicule and, therefore, is secretly falling in love with the idol of his generation, John Travolta, she promised myself that I would become famous the envy of all who laughed at her. So at school she had an overwhelming desire to become a fashion model.

And yet Denise was hoping for something more especially after the “star” of the fate she has predicted an Indian sorcerer. It happened when the parents on the weekend, sent her sister to the mountains to distant relatives. Lost in the woods, they eventually came to a clearing with a teepee, where they went to meet an old Indian who made the girls a lasting impression. Not parting with a huge tube, it is suggested to tell fortunes on a reindeer scapula. Then Denise had heard about what is sure to become a famous actress.

In 1989 she went to new York and got a job in the Agency. Soon came the first advertising with her participation — Denise advertised cosmetic products and swimwear. A short while Richards worked as a model, however, without much success — her height was not a model, 168 cm Working two years as a fashion model, she knew that in life it is urgent to change something. So she went to Los Angeles, deciding to try yourself in the artistic field. Richards attended acting classes, started acting on television in various shows and serials.

Without much difficulty she got the role in the television series “Life goes on” (1990), “Saved by the bell” and “married… with children” (1991), “airy”, “Indiana” and “Beverly hills 90210” (1992).

In the following, 1993, it has already received quite a significant role, in which she finally managed to show what she’s capable of that Hollywood producers were able to notice it. Richards’s debut in cinema was the role in the film parody “Loaded weapon”. A couple of appearances in the TV series and Denise finally, with his head dipped into a great movie.

The first major film and first major role for the young actress picture, Gregg Araki’s “Nowhere”.

Well, a key role in her acting destiny in 1997, played by famous Director Paul Verhoeven, inviting her for the main female role in “starship troopers”. And this happened in spite of the opinion of the producer of this space fiction, who wanted to see an expensive painting more recognized by the audience actress. But Paul insisted, and was not mistaken: the film, made in the genre of fantasy-adventure satire, has travelled around the world “Bang” and brought large profits. Of course, critics pointed to the work itself Denise Richards.

After that she was offered to star in “Sexual crimes”, the only picture in the filmography Richards, in which she appears Nude. So needed on the script and directorial concept.

This role came to her also in the 1998 film “wild things” in which she starred alongside Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon, though in a less blatant form. This film brought Denise on a “star” orbit. Confirmation of her new status was an invitation to the role of “bond girl” in the next movie about the adventures of a timeless agent with a license to kill — “the world is not enough”. Along with Richards in this tape, starring pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, Robert Carlyle, Judi Dench. Shooting in the film about the adventures of James bond is an event in the life of any actress, especially because it starred such big stars, which previously Denise had to work.

The star of “the bond” was followed by roles in the horror film “Valentine’s Day”, where her partner was David Boreanaz, and the romantic Comedy “Good advice”. In this picture Denise is a partner in the shooting was Charlie sheen; it is noteworthy that ever since he became her life partner. Was the role in the drama “Empire” with John Leguizamo, and the romantic Comedy “the Third wheel” with Ben Applecom and Matt Damon in the drama “you’re stupid” with William Baldwin and Mila Jovovich, and in the teen Comedy “undercover brother”.

Then Denise appeared on the big screen only in cameo roles in the films “love actually” and “scary movie 3” and in the highly anticipated romantic Comedy Joel Zwick’s “Elvis has left the building.”
March 9, 2004 from Denise and Charlie sheen had a child. His daughter they named Sam, and a year later, on 1 June 2005 they had a second daughter, Lola rose Sheen. However, even the birth of two children has not kept this stellar Union and on 30 November 2006, the couple broke up.

Favorite activities from Denise several. This kickboxing, home decoration and interior layout, yoga classes, shopping and sightseeing. Last she can’t do due to time constraints, but admits that the future is going to devote his spare time to travel.

Denise Richards Filmography

  • Madea's Witness Protection (2012)
  • Deep in the Valley (2009)
  • Jolene (2008)
  • Secrets of a Small Town (2007)
  • Blonde and Blonder (2007)
  • Sex, Love & Secrets (2005)
  • Edmond (2005)
  • I Do (But I Don't) (2004)
  • Elvis Has Left the Building (2004)
  • Two and a Half Men (2003-
  • Whore (2003)
  • Love Actually (2003)
  • Scary Movie 3 (2003)
  • Third Wheel, The (2002)
  • Undercover Brother (2002)
  • You Stupid Man! (2002)
  • Empire (2002)
  • Good Advice (2001)
  • Friends (2001)
  • Valentine (2001)
  • Spin City (2001)
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)
  • World Is Not Enough, The (1999)
  • Tail Lights Fade (1999)
  • Lookin' Italian (1998)
  • Wild Things (1998)
  • Nowhere (1997)
  • Starship Troopers (1997)
  • Melrose Place (1996)
  • In the Blink of an Eye (1996)
  • P.C.H. (1995)
  • Weird Science (1994-
  • Burke's Law (1994-
  • Tammy and the T-Rex (1994)
  • One West Waikiki (1994)
  • Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-
  • Loaded Weapon -1 (1993)
  • Eerie, Indiana (1991)
  • Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990-
  • Seinfeld (1990-
  • Life Goes On (1989-
  • Doogie Howser, M.D. (1989-
  • Married with Children (1987-
  • The Rosie O'Donnell Show (1999-
  • HBO First Look (1992)
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      Jul 2011 Denise adopted a baby girl.The name of the lucky baby girl – Eloise Joni Richards.The eldest daughter of the actress and 7-year-old Sam and 6-year-old Lola rose was excited about sister.In General,I admire Denise.Beautiful,forever young and brilliant comedic gift.Well done!

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