Cassandra Peterson wallpaper

Cassandra Peterson wallpaper

American actress, screenwriter, presenter.

Born on 17 September 1951 in Manhattan, Kansas, USA.

Cassandra Peterson Filmography

  • Her Morbid Desires (2008)
  • Red Riding Hood (2004)
  • Elvira's Haunted Hills (2001)
  • Encounter in the Thrid Dimension (1999)
  • Hollywood Squares (1998-
  • Superstition (1997)
  • Nash Bridges (1996-
  • It's My Party (1996)
  • Dear God (1996)
  • Acting on Impulse (1993)
  • Ring of the Musketeers (1992)
  • Ted and Venus (1991)
  • Parker Lewis Can't Lose (1990-
  • Pledge Night (1988)
  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (1988)
  • thirtysomething (1987)
  • Echo Park (1986)
  • Balboa (1986)
  • Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (1986)
  • Get Out of My Room (1985)
  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure (1985)
  • Stroker Ace (1983)
  • Sting II, The (1983)
  • St. Elsewhere (1982-
  • Jekyll and Hyde… Together Again (1982)
  • King of the Mountain (1981)
  • Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980)
  • Coast to Coast (1980)
  • Fantasy Island (1977-
  • CHiPs (1977-
  • Alice (1976-
  • Happy Days (1974–
  • Roma (1972)
  • Haunted World of El Superbeasto, The (2008)
  • The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (1989)
  • Elvira's Haunted Hills (2001)
  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (1988)
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    11 comments to “Cassandra Peterson wallpaper”

    1. Peggy Hicks

      anyone she doesn’t like.

    2. Dianne Foster

      The actress is super! In the movie “Elvira” actress matchless, wonderful! It seems that she was born for this role, complete the image. Not imagined her with a different hair color than deep black.
      this post has been edited at 00:29

    3. Alton Flowers

      Queen Sorais is her best role I think is similar to our Larisa Luppian

    4. Monica Anderson

      Athos-poet’s dream, a sultry woman! In Russia know and love her!
      the post was edited at 11:39

    5. Damon Guzman

      Interesting to see her in other movies,if seen,advise .

    6. Kevin Cross

      The role of Elvira is just awesome!Temperament and charm!

    7. Marcos Mendez

      In this photograph is very similar to the Marina Khlebnikov :)))

    8. Darlene Fitzgerald

      Cassandra was born in the small town of Manhattan in Kansas. Soon her family moved to Colorado springs, where she grew up and in 1969 graduated from high school. Immediately after the release of Cassandra went to Las Vegas, where she became a show girl in a casino “The Dunes”. This contributed to the fact that Cassandra got into the Guinness Book of records as the youngest participant in showgirls in the history of Las Vegas. She also played a cameo role in the 1971 James bond “Diamonds are forever”, composed of the same show.

      In the early 1970-ies she moved to Italy, where he began to perform with the famous rock group “I Ochanats Latins”. There she met Federico Fellini, who gave her a small role in his film “Roma” (1972). After returning to the U.S., she has traveled the country, performing in Nightclubs and gay discos with musical Comedy show “Mammas Boys”. In 1979 she joined the Los Angeles improv troupe “The Groundlings”, where he was born, and her image of Elvira. (Internet )

    9. Arthur Cox

      Elvira is her best work. Peterson has created such a colorful way, such neordinarno character with his understanding of the world. I love that Elvira is always able to stand up for yourself, do not give yourself hurt. I love that movie.

    10. Eric Aguilar

      I love her! Nor ever have thought that she has so many movies! Known only by “Elvira”, where she was a brunette, all black, and then red! Just like her nose and big eyes!

    11. Garrett Simpson

      the Role of Elvira just great.

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