Carly Pope wallpaper

Carly Pope wallpaper

Was born on 28 August 1980 in Vancouver, British Columbia,

Grew up in Vancouver, during his school years he participated in the performances. Graduated from Vancouver University, linguistic Department. Carly Pope speaks French, Italian and Spanish.

Since 1996, in the movie, Carly Pope played a leading role in a short Comedy directed by Laura Greco’s “Girl guide to kissing and other nightmares in Finlandia”.

A significant role of the actress – Faun in the movie “Snow day” (2000) and Tanya in the picture of the “Country eccentrics” (2002).

Gained widespread popularity in the television series “24 hours” performing the role of Samantha.

Carly Pope is continuing to work in the TV series and actively act in Canada and the United States. Neodnokratno was nominated as best actress in a television series, mini-series and television series.

Carly Pope Filmography

  • Elysium (2013)
  • Kill Theory (2009)
  • 24 Hours (2009)
  • Say Goodnight (2008)
  • Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon (2008)
  • Life Is Hot in Cracktown (2008)
  • 24: Redemption (2008)
  • Beneath (2007)
  • Young People Fucking (2007)
  • Itty Bitty Titty Committee (2007)
  • Dirt (2007)
  • Californication (2007)
  • The Evidence (2006)
  • 10.5: Apocalypse (2006)
  • Young Blades (2005)
  • The French Guy (2005)
  • Recipe for a Perfect Christmas (2005)
  • Two for the Money (2005)
  • 4400 (2004-
  • Collector, The (2004-
  • Window Theory (2004)
  • Intern Academy (2004)
  • The Mountain (2004)
  • Everyone (2004)
  • Eighteen (2004)
  • Tru Calling (2003-
  • 1st to Die (2003)
  • This Time Around (2003)
  • Nemesis Game (2003)
  • Jake 2.0 (2003)
  • Double Bill (2003)
  • Orange County (2002)
  • Various Positions (2002)
  • Glass House, The (2001)
  • Finder's Fee (2001)
  • Snow Day (2000)
  • Trapped in a Purple Haze (2000)
  • Popular (1999-
  • A Cooler Climate (1999)
  • Aliens in the Wild, Wild West (1999)
  • I've Been Waiting for You (1998)
  • Principal Takes a Holiday (1998)
  • Disturbing Behavior (1998)
  • Night Man (1997-
  • Kim Possible (2002)
  • Everyone (2004)
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    1. Megan Murphy

      just watched the movie, though not since the beginning of the PM name I do not know the full triler there for another Adrian Paul plays what’s the catch did not understand but CARLY liked the PTS haven’t seen her for a very,very beautiful,sweet girl and plays very fun

    2. Viola Schultz

      love this and love this actress!very beautiful,sweet and wonderful girl!

    3. Laura Parker

      A very good actress and beautiful girl:-*

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