Amy Adams images

Amy Adams images

American actress.

Was born on 20 August 1974 in Vicenza, Italy in the family of Americans.

Full name is Amy Lou.

School years Amy Adams has conducted in Colorado. Studied acting, then played in the theater St. Paul, Minnesota.

Starred in the TV series in the roles of the second plan and episodes. Debuted in cinema 1999 the role of Leslie Miller in the movie “Deadly beauty”. Pay attention to the movie Director Steven Spielberg’s “Catch me if you can” (2002), where she played Brenda, the bride of the hero Leonardo DiCaprio.

Real success came to the actress for her role as Ashley in the tape
“June beetle” (2005). Amy Adams won the Special prize international film festival of independent cinema “Sundance” for this role, and was nominated for “Oscar” and “Golden globe”.

A true ascent of the actress to stardom was kinoskazka Director Kevin Lima’s “Enchanted” (2008).
Amy Adams played the role of Princess Giselle.

Nomination for “Oscar” (2013):
Best actress (“American hustle”)

The award “Golden globe” (2014):
Best actress, Comedy/musical (“Big eyes”)

Nominated for a Golden globe (2016):
Best actress, drama (“Arrival”)

Nominated for the “BAFTA” (2014):
Best actress (“Big eyes”)

Nomination for the award “Companion”:
2007 – Best actress, Comedy/musical (“Enchanted”)
2013 – Best actress, motion picture (“American hustle”)

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13 comments to “Amy Adams images”

  1. Eric Aguilar

    Beautiful and charming,especially in the role of pilot

  2. Sandra Medina

    I love this actress. She is one of the most charismatic and talented stars of Hollywood. Thank you Oksana, very good site)

  3. Noah Todd

    She is lovely – charming, attractive and simply beautiful! Plays super easy! Sorry that went so long for the main roles!

  4. Lillian Shaw

    She is beautiful and insanely beautiful) I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman <3

  5. Annette Wallace

    Happy birthday, Amy!

  6. Bonnie Brewer

    she is the most wonderful and beautiful woman I have ever seen <3 she’s a diva 🙂

  7. Marianne Peterson

    and in my opinion, between Amy Adams ,Alaa Fisher and Nicole Kidman very similar, sometimes indistinguishable, at least the first two

  8. Lamar Lowe

    Absolutely magical episode about 67 minutes of the movie “Enchanted”. .Giselle touches her fingers to the bare chest of the hero through casually smelled a Bathrobe after a bath, and direct physically feel like she’s from a cartoon Princess turns into a real woman of flesh and blood. Just absolutely brilliant actress can play. Yes, in 33 years to look like that. very charming! “Miss Pettigrew” her look is definitely, really liked the film. Her character in this film, the girl with three Boyfriends at the same time, and in fact the character itself is screwed up, but thanks to the game Amy she’s cute and the movie is easy and looks nice. More like “Leap year”.

  9. Hannah Stokes

    Thank You for Your talent.

  10. Jane Burns

    Very charming actress who can do any role.

  11. Andy Erickson

    past )
    Vladimir, I have the same thing ))
    I want more films with her.

  12. Pete Hayes

    And I liked how she played Leslie Miller in the movie “Deadly beauty”. On the one hand, her character does not fall under the description of nice girls, but Adams played it so that the character evokes sympathy from the viewer and creates an easy atmosphere in the film.
    this post has been edited at 14:02

  13. Carmen Banks

    why do you not set about Amy Adams ? Like a good website and lot of information…

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